Michael Kopech Starts His Journey Back To Superstardom Today

Michael Kopech is a freak of fucking nature.  Dude's carved out of wood, throws 100MPH, has a devastating slider and flashed a double plus change.... but that was over 18 months ago.  18 months!  That's how long it's been since he's seen big league hitters.  Fucking Tommy John, that asshole.   

But he's back today.  It's been a LONG time coming.  Now, with all due respect to Lucas Giolito, Michael Kopech has a chance to be not only the best pitcher in the Sox rotation, but one of the very best pitchers in all of baseball.  He's that good and mentally he's on another level.  Dude wants nothing but greatness out of both himself and the White Sox.  

So today we're waking up with Michael Kopech highlights.  He's only throwing 1 inning this afternoon, but it's the first of what will be many that lead him and the White Sox back to the playoffs and dare I say it, World Series, whether it be this year or in the coming years.

This has been one of the best offseasons ever.  Get me to March 26th!