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Sesame Street Lunardi Strikes Again - Says Kentucky Can Fall To A 5 Seed, SportsCenter Anchor And UK Grad Threatens To Riot

You know, I thought Archie Miller was crazy with his Lunardi rant over the weekend? But now? JOE THE GROUCH! 

Mind you Lunardi, the 55th ranked bracketologist on bracketmatrix, currently has Kentucky as a 2 seed. Imagining them falling 3 seeds! That's nearly physically impossible. Shit, when Kenyon Martin got injured for Cincinnati back in the day they dropped 1 seed. Think about how drastic shit has to be in order to fall 3 years. Then again I expect nothing more from Sesame Street Lunardi and a guy who indirectly tried to kill a member of Big Blue Nation. 

The best is Michael Eaves, a graduate of Kentucky, just threatening to riot. I love that about him. In no world can Kentucky fall to a 5 seed - the current 5s on bracketmatrix are Butler, Ohio State, BYU and Auburn. BYU already lost! Just crazy talk from a guy who belongs in a trash can! 

All that matters now is winning a game or two in the SEC Tournament. We've seen these results mean jackshit - looking at the year Kentucky beat A&M on Sunday and still got seeded behind them which surprised every person. But this is a more of a reminder to everyone that Lunardi and other bracketologists DON'T MEAN SHIT. They don't pick the bracket. They don't have an influence on the committee. They are trying to guess what the committee is doing. 

That said - if Kentucky is a 5 seed, we riot.