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I Want This Referee Jailed Pronto

I’m sitting in the hospital being an All Star MVP #GirlDad. Changing diapers, swaddling like you read about, the best nipple shield placer in America, you name it I’m already internationally ranked at it. So I took a moment to myself to scroll the ol’ Twitter machine and saw Jamal Murray take DJ Wilson’s life with a dunk. One of the better dunks of the season I’d argue. I have the volume off, so as to not draw any attention to watching basketball highlights only to see tweets rolling in that this was called an offensive foul??? Are you shitting me? P U. I want this ref banished. Not from the NBA. From society as a whole. Even that may not be harsh enough punishment for this dogshit ass call.

Any time you see a call like this think about what would happen if it was called down at the park. Someone gets yammed through the parquet and you hear “Nah man he extended his off hand” there would be a pistols at dawn situation brewing rapido. And that’s best case scenario. Boo this call and boo the man who made it for robbing Jamal Murray of a perfect poster.