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Videos Of Italy Being On Lock-Down Are Super Eerie

It's getting to the point that I don't really know who or what to believe about Coronavirus. Is it serious? Is it over-blown? Quarantine yourself? Is it a big deal for me, a young, healthy-ish, American male or is it just scary for old people in nursing homes? "The Coronavirus hasn't played anyone". There's a million opinions about Coronavirus, but the tape don't lie. It is shutting down cities in multiple continents now. I kind of assumed it was all a bit of bluster, but you can't deny the ominous feeling you get when you see major cities look like post-apocalyptic ghost towns. 

I am probably not going to change anything because, well, I never do, but the videos are eerie. If I just disappear it's because I got the coronavirus from Eddie who got it in Vegas celebrating the zillion beers nuptuals and I refused to go to the doctor. 

On the brightside...I feel like people will in general be less gross going forward. Generally aware of their disgusting habits and personal space. Probably never a better time to travel to Italy if you think the virus is over-hyped. Nobody will talk to you, no traffic, no lines. Seems pretty cool.