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One Of The Most Demoralizing Losses I've Ever Seen


They were up by 19. Everything was rolling smoothly. Then everything fell apart. Pacers went on a 17-2 run. Oh no sweat, the Wizards came back with a mini-run of their own. And then just…DC sports happened. Randy Wittman happened. 1.5 seconds left on the shot clock and Drew Gooden is chucking a 3. Down 3 with 20 or so seconds left…and the ball is in Al Harrington’s hands. John Wall played with absolutely negative a million confidence in the second half. Kid is scared to shoot at this point. It’s just So much disappointment. So much what could have been. So many blunders in the last two games. Both easily winnable. I said in my first Wizards playoffs blog Wittman is a terrible coach. He fooled us in the first round series vs the Bulls because of how well the athletic Wizards matched up against them. He couldn’t coach his way out of a milk carton at this point. So pathetic. So bad. Yes, it’s still 3-1 so they aren’t out yet. But we’ve seen this before. We know the ending. I guess crazier things have happened, but not many. Had so much hope. All gone now. Really shitty. Really, really shitty.


PS: Buy a shirt.