Nicki Minaj Album Cover With Her Giant Ass On It Coming In Hot!

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 3.16.22 PM



Wowzers.  Well that’s……something.  Something I thoroughly enjoy.  I haven’t bought an album in a solid 10 years but I might buy this one and hang the art in my house.  Not to mention her song Pills and Potions is in my daily rotation.  Some times I’ll listen to it a few (a ton of) times in a row.  Don’t judge me.  You listen to the song and tell me it’s not fucking awesome.  Dat ass though.  She must work out.


I’m not sure what’s more shocking, that album cover or the fact that while Googling Nicki Minaj I found out she’s 31 years old.  Thats crazy, right?  For sure thought she was in her early 20’s like Iggy.  Doesn’t matter when you have an ass like that I guess.