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Is it Fair to Lock In Buddy Hield as a Future Sixer?

There is something weird going on in Sacramento and it may be vastly beneficial for our boys in South Philly. Hield was once the cornerstone for this franchise as he was the main piece of the deal that sent Demarcus Cousins to New Orleans a couple years back. They even inked him to massive extension earlier this season adding on 4 years and 94 mill to his current deal that was slated to end after this season. But this once prized possession of the Kings seems to be more of an afterthought for this team going forward.

The Kings made a lineup change about a month ago that surprisingly sent Buddy to bench in favor of Bogan Bogdanovic. Since then, Buddy has been absolutely balling but still has yet to be reinserted into the starting lineup.

Then last night, with a chance to take down the defending champs, down three with only seconds to go in the game, Luke Walton decided to leave one of the NBA's best three point shooters on the bench. This is the play that was drawn up:

Buddy has been hinting at his displeasure of his current situation with Sacramento, and even liked an instagram post that rumored a potential trade with the Sixers. #THISLEAGUE

Now who do we have on our roster that is expendable and matches up with Buddy's contract? Oh yea thats right. Al Horford. During an awful year for Horford, he did manage to have an amazing tryout in front of his possible future team just last week.

Then he managed to follow it up with another solid performance against Golden State.

Is he showing that maybe he still has some gas left in the tank and it is just a matter of fit in Philadelphia? Absolutely not. He is horrible. However, are the Kings capable of being dumb enough to make the trade? Absolutely, they are horribly managed. Don't forget the past robbery that our Lord and Savior Sam Hinkie pulled off with this pathetic excuse of a franchise.

We ended up with a future first round pick and a the famous pick swap that resulted in Markelle Fultz, but whatever. At the time, it was a steal of a trade just to take on multiple contracts that weren't even that bad. So yes, the Kings have a track record of making bad trades with us, not to mention they were very interested in Horford in free agency last year.

So the answer is yes, Buddy Hield, the perfect fit, will be a Philadelphia 76er by the end of the summer, and Al Horford will be in Sacramento. God, that would make me so happy. Please fix this dumpster fire and make it happen EB.