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Patrick Beverley Says It's "No Challenge" Guarding LeBron Minus The Fact He Never Really Guarded LeBron

OK so there are two ways to look at this. On one hand, Patrick Beverley is not going to give any ammunition for an opposing player. He's always going to say shit like this, that's just how he's wired. The other way you can look at it is this statement makes no fucking sense to anyone with eyes or a brain. Especially coming off a game where LeBron destroyed every Clippers defender to the tune of 28/7/9

Not only that, I'm not sure why Beverley is even talking this way. If it was no challenge for a guard to handle LeBron late in games, then why didn't he ya know....guard LeBron? Per NBA tracking data Beverley guarded LeBron on just 2.4 possessions for a total of 33 seconds. Guys like Kawhi (20 possessions), Mook (6 possessions), and JaMychal GHreen (5.5 possessions) spent a whole hell of a lot more time on LeBron than Beverley did. If this is a man who thinks guarding LeBron is no big deal, why didn't he back up his statement? He seemed more focused on just doing annoying shit to try and get under LeBron's skin which obviously didn't work than actually trying to guard him. I can understand his line of thinking and always having confidence, but it's another thing when what he is saying is blatantly false. 

If LeBron's current run back into the MVP conversation has shown us anything, it's that guarding him even in Year 17 is very much a challenge, especially for guards. I'm all for someone talking that shit and everything, but you have to back it up. So far this season Beverley hasn't really done shit while guarding LeBron, which is weird if it was truly "no challenge" wouldn't you say?

You obviously can't expect him to be like "oh man it's a problem when LeBron switches on guards", that's not how Patrick Beverley is wired. But at the same time we all have eyeballs and you can't be talking that way while also avoiding the matchup in my opinion.