MORE ILLINOIS/IOWA BAD BLOOD: Iowa's CJ Fredrick Says He Doesn't Complain A Lot ... Immediately Starts Complaining About Illinois Fouling Him Every Possession

Confession: I'm addicted to two midwest schools I have no association with whatsoever. I'm addicted to watching Illinois and Iowa play each other, because they fucking hate each other. Yesterday was the second game of the season between the two teams and we've had drama both times. Personally, I need them to play in the 4/5 quarterfinals game in the Big 10 Tournament because of shit like this. 

In game 1 it started in the handshake line 

Yesterday we had techincals handed out at the same time, two different groups got into it with each other. Then we had Brad Underwood signing a poster of a triggered Fran McCaffery. 

And now you have CJ Fredrick complaining about Illinois defense and being fouled. That really puts me in a pickle because I despise refs but also complaining that you got fouled on every possession is kinda hilarious. Illinois is just physical, that's how they defend. Personally, I'd like to see this decided with a father/son tag team Rough n Rowdy fight since each coach has a son on their team. 

I can't just stop laughing at how random this rivalry is too. Iowa/Illinois, mostly because I'm thinking of Trent vs Carl. This is what I need in the Big 10 though besides just complete parity for this Tournament. I need these two teams, who hate each other, playing in the quarterfinals. God, I can't wait for this week. Just the best time of the year.