Shoutout To This Heroic FedEx Driver Who Returned A Golden Retriever That Wandered Away From Its Home

HUUUUUUUUUGE shoutout to that FedEx driver. That's a person who just gets it. You'd like to think that 100% of people would've handled that scenario the exact same way but that's not necessarily the case. And I get it, people got things going on in their life and other priorities to deal with and a dog wandering down the street might not top the list but you gotta shoutout the people who do something about it.  That FedEx driver probably had hella packages to deliver but still took time outta his busy schedule to return the dog to its home. That's good shit.

By the way I love dogs, I really love dogs, so don't take this as if I don't love dogs but boy oh boy are they stupid sometimes. Just totally and completely oblivious to where they need to be sometimes. Take that beautiful golden retriever for instance. Judging from the size of that pup those owners have been feeding and bathing and putting a roof over its head for YEARS. Multiple years of care have gone into that relationship so what does the golden retriever do the SECOND the front door is left open? See ya. Strolls right outta there. Acts like the last couple of years didn't even happen. No goodbye. No see ya later. No nothing. Just left. Dogs are super duper loyal to their owners until somebody accidentally leaves the front door open. Then they're outta there. Love dogs but they can be super dumb from time to time.