13 Year Old Kid Wrote A Letter to George RR Martin Politely Asking If He Can Have A "Gruesome Grizzly Death" In One Of His Books

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Metro- As part of the charity drive Martin was offering GOT readers the chance to win an in-book death in return for a whopping £20,000 donation to the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Sadly 13-year-old Jack didn’t have the funds to fulfill his dream of a ‘martyr’s death’ but donated £153 to the cause anyway. In his letter to Martin, Jack said that the Wolf Conservation Trust near Reading was one of his favourite places in the UK. He also admitted that he wasn’t allowed to watch ‘certain bits’ of the show but said a ‘gruesome grizzly death is all I ask for.’ Martin’s Prizeo campaign has raised more than £260,000 so far — more than double its initial goal. And while the two ill-fated ‘martyr’ characters available for The Winds Of Winter book were handed out elsewhere, fans can still pay for the opportunity to have brunch with Martin for £7,500.

So there’s obviously more to this story than just a 13 year old kid writing in to George RR Martin asking to get brutally killed in one of his books.  Turns out the kid, like George, loves wolves and is interested in the preservation of them.  It’s super cool of the kid to offer up all of the money he has for the cause.  Way to go, young one.  I’m more interested in the trend of people asking/begging to be killed off by a 65 year old author who writes books.  It’s the weirdest and coolest thing to come out of Game of Thrones.  People dropping big money for it to happen.  We’re talking 5 figures people are putting down to get their head lopped off or a sword shoved through their face.  It’s become such a thing that I don’t even know what to compare it to.  But I love it.  Maybe it’d be like people begging to be roasted on Comedy Central or something.  Would you pay money to get ripped to shreds by a bunch of celebrities?  I’m sure some people would.  You know what I would want?  I’d want in-his-prime Eminem to write a rap diss about me.  Maybe we’d sit down for a few hours, I’d tell him my life story, all my faults, how I’m fat and lazy and a piece of shit.  And then he’d ‘write a rap diss about me.  That’d be awesome.  That’d be my version of getting killed off by George RR Martin in a book.  Em just flat out humiliating me in a song.  That’d be a dream come true.  Open up the bidding, Marshall.  I have like $20.


Here’s how George responded.

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So 13 year old Jack won’t be killed off but George donated a shit ton of money to a organization in Jack’s name. Good on you, George. All around good story.


Eminem- Hit me up if you wanna make this happen. I’m a piece of shit so the rap would be  super easy to write.  Thanks.