Man Who Knew He Had Coronavirus Went To Bars To Spread The Virus ON PURPOSE


A man has gone bar-hopping in order to spread the coronavirus after discovering he was infected, reports suggest.

Despite being asymptomatic, he tested positive at a hospital in the Japanese city of Gamagori on Wednesday after both of his parents contracted the virus, and was told to wait at home until space at a suitable medical facility could be found for him the following day.

Instead, Fuji News Network (FNN) reports he decided to visit two bars in the small coastal city after telling a family member: “I am going to spread the virus.”

Some people just want to see the world burn.

People wonder how these things spread, this is how. You've got everyone and their mother concerned with stockpiling hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes meanwhile this fucking guy is walking around with the sole purpose of spreading the disease to everybody. So much for your fucking sanitary mask when this guy is in your kitchen giving you straight up COVID-19. 

The only suitable punishment for such an act has to be death, no? If you're going around and willingly giving innocent people a potentially life-threating virus, you deserve to die. I don't make the rules. That's just how that works.

After eating and finishing several drinks, the man reportedly told fellow customers he had tested positive for coronavirus, at which point a concerned member of staff called local health authorities.

If the guy you've been talking to at the bar all night comes up to you before he's about to leave and says "I tested positive coronavirus," what are you supposed to do? You don't want to touch him because, quite frankly, you aren't truly aware of how this thing spreads - take no chances. You can't get in his face and yell at him about it because the virus is airborne and you don't want his particles in your mouth.

Personally, I would probably just scream and run. Take no chances. It's that or just sit back and ignore it to look 'cool', like a hardo. These bar-goers made the sensible decision and called in the guys in hazmat suits because they are far more educated/better equipped to deal with such an ordeal.

The two bars were being disinfected and sterilised, a city official told FNN, while staff members and customers were reportedly being tested for the virus.

The worst part about all of this is the inconvenience of it all. Now, this bar is gonna have to shut down for the foreseeable future and every patron/worker is gonna have to be tested. All because one asshole decided he'd ruin everyone's day and potentially their lives. You just can't have psychopaths like that running around the world, that's how these epidemics get way, way worse. 

I stand by the fact that - for the greater good - this man should be killed as a punishment. Again, I don't make the rules but fair is fair and this is more than fair. Hopefully, it was all just one big scare and this menace didn't spread this thing to any innocent, unsuspecting bystanders.

PS - this has got to be some form of biological terrorism, right? Knowingly passing on a potentially life-threating illness to random, innocent people. I'm no expert by any means but this seems like it falls under that category.