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In The Absolute No-Brainer Statement Of The Year, NCAA Says March Madness Will Be Played In Front Of Fans

This had to be pretty much a no-brainer here for Dan Gavitt as of this moment. I've said it a million times now. The coronavirus obviously isn't a laughing matter, people are getting sick, etc. But the overreaction to shutting everything down is crazy to me. Just don't be an asshole. If you're sick, don't go out in public. Wash your hands - a lot. Use hand sanitizer.

And sure I can be considered selfish for this. There is nothing I enjoy more in my life than this stretch of college hoops from conference tournaments to the NCAA Tournament. It's the best time of the year without question. There is nothing better than the NCAA Tournament. That first Thursday and Friday are absolutely glorious - everyone either takes off work, does a half day or suckers that pretend to work and just watch 16 games each day. The buzzer beaters, Bill Raftery, One Shining Moment, Jim Nantz, everything. It's the NCAA Tournament. It's heaven

It's also a MASSIVE money maker for the NCAA, with the TV contract and people going all over the country to watch games.Try to imagine a world where there's an Elite Eight game at MSG for the East Region. It's the 1v2 seed and coming down to a buzzer. A ridiculous buzzer beater like we see every year in the NCAA Tournament. And it's dead silent. It'd be a travesty.