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Wild Video Of A Shark Going Full Speed Onto A Pile Of Rocks To Demolish A Bird

First of all, was that a bird or a seal? I kept pausing it and still couldn't figure it out. We'll say it's a bird. Sharks attacks on seals are played out. Look at how cool this video is. 

Anyway, I've always had a rule of thumb that when entering the ocean as long as my feet can touch, I'm safe. The second I have to tread water I'm in danger. At least that's what I thought until I saw this video. Now I know I'm screwed no matter what. As long as I'm close to the water I run the risk of being demolished by a shark. To be honest I had more to write about this but Jack Mac started yelling about how he doesn't trust vaccines so it fucked up my concentration. Here's one more pic I can't remember why I had screenshotted. Thanks, Jack! 

Happy Monday.