DraftKings 3 Day Survivor Fantasy Baseball Championship Qualifier Starts TONIGHT


Yeah I picked Buehrle as one of my starters.  Sox suck.  Smart is smart.


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So you know how poker tournaments have satellite tournaments where you can win your way into the big one? Well this is pretty much the same thing. A 3 day survive and advance qualifying event with cash a 75K prize pool. So not only can you win cash, but first place gets entered into the 3.3 million dollar finals in the Bahamas. 3 days of excitement for 27 bucks. Find me better way to spend 27 bucks.. You can’t.

Contest Details:
-3-Day Survivor Fantasy Baseball Championship Qualifier
-$75,000 Prize Pool
-$27 entry fee, 3150 total entries
-Day 1: Top 750 fantasy scores advance
-Day 2: Top 150 fantasy scores advance
-Top 150 paid out- if you make it to the final day you automatically win money
-First place wind an seat in the $3.3M Baseball Championship in Atlantis ($54,500 value)


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