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Instagram With Chaps: Log Splitter Part 2

First of all, good morning. I hope that the day greeted you with sunshine and happiness. Isn't that interesting? Of course, you know that I'm talking about sunshine not being capitalized but Sun is. The core is more important than its derivatives. Feels like an analogy for the political landscape but that's an idea for another time. Right now, on this early Monday morning, we are about to get the worm. That worm? Safety. 

Now, if you've been following my work for a while, you know that I'm a huge safety guy. It's paramount. I'm also a huge log splitting/cutting video fan. I'm always looking for the best methods to give those damn logs the what-for. Shoutout Lt. Aldo Raine. 

"Not placing that reference, Chaps. I haven't even had my glass of coffee. Help me out, you thinning pescatarian weirdo."

My bad. 

*Puts hand up to earpiece* "What's that? Oh. We can't find that clip? Give them something else? Ok... Let me see what I have here... Ah. yes. Here it is."

Anyway, I'm concerned about our friend in the aforementioned log splitting video. With one mistake, his fingers are doneso. With one break in concentration, his hand would be crushed. With one error, he's permanently giving the 2 outs symbol. 

What a boring gif. Sorry about that. What was I thinking? 3-1 game from last year in the regular season? Bottom of the 8th and 2 outs? Yawn. Not the way to start the week. 

Anyways, when you go out there this morning to chop a little wood, make sure to be safe. After all, I have a blog on deck later that is going to make you happier than the day is long that first day of Fall (Autumn) when the clocks go back. And, lest we forget, that's the longest day of the year except for Winter Solstice day. Incredible.  

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