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We Now Have Video Footage of Orlando Bloom Taking A Swing At The Biebs! AKA - The Punch Heard Around the World



Click for Video Cause it’s autoplay


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Hey wait a minute. Was that Gennady Golovkin or Orlando Bloom throwing that right cross?   If Bieber didn’t have Floyd Mayweather type reflexes that could have been the end of him.    Like yeah I blogged this story last night and we all heard that Orlando threw a punch, but you know these Hollywood types.   I guess I just wasn’t expecting it to be a haymaker like that.    Orlando threw that with some bad intentions.  Real bad intentions.  So love or hate the Biebs you got to tip your cap for him stepping to Bloom like this.   He talks the talk and walks the walk.   Turn down for what!  Bad boy of Rock N Roll indeed.

PS – Hey Orlando…Biebs fucked your ex wife.  Deal with it old man.  WHAT UP BITCH!