Dude Loses 1 Million Dollar Buy In Poker Tournament With Pocket Aces vs. Pocket Aces



I believe that’s what people in the business call a bad beat.   I’ve heard some people are saying it’s the worst beat of all time because it happened in a 1 million dollar buy in WSOP event.   But guess what?That’s actually what makes it not as bad I think.  I mean if you have a million bucks to buy in then you’re probably rich to begin with.   Show me the guy who is driving the truck like Knish and has a shot to win millions and loses like this and that’s the worst beat ever.   Gambling ain’t gambling unless you really need the money.   Still a horrific beat though.


PS – I always love when the poker players who benefit from a bad beat always try not to look happy.   Bro you just doubled up.  You don’t have to act like your dog died.   It wasn’t your fault.