Reader Email - Should I Be Proud Of Tossing My Wife Aside To Get Bogearts HR Ball Last Night?



Reader Email

So not too proud of this, but had to send on. I was at the game tonight on the Monster. Bogearts hits a home run towards us and my wife hides behind me clinging on for dear life. The ball bounces off the second row and at my feet, and I toss her aside to get the ball. I’m in red shirt, she’s in brown jacket and blond hair. I’m sleeping on the couch tonight. Still proud of the hustle. Should I be?


I don’t know if proud is the word, but this was an absolute no brainer.   I mean you had no choice.   Your hands were tied.  Ball comes at you and your wife has you in a bear hug you have to shed her and go for the ball.   It’s called being a man.   It’s not just about this play either.  This was a metaphor for the rest of your life.  Are you going to let marriage and the old lady suck the life out of you?  Or are you gonna fight?  Are you gonna live? Because if you don’t shed her you can pretty much just kiss the rest of your life good bye.  You’ve given up.  It’s sweatpants forever.   Nope you had to make a play.  Your future depended on it.