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JLo Just Posted Her Most Shocking Video Yet With ARod Doing DAMAGE On TikTok

Jennifer Lopez has been putting out breathtaking content for decades without breaking a sweat. She's ageless, she's all powerful, she's a master of all crafts. But what she did on TikTok tonight raised that level to a whole new ballgame. 

*ENTER*: trusty sidekick/MLB MVP/World Series champion Alex Rodriguez...

WHOA, did NOT see that coming! And that's the beauty of the "Flip The Switch" trend on TikTok right now, I guess? It is nice to see the rich & famous getting in the internet meme mud just like everyone else. This was well played indeed. 

Now did I get ahead of myself saying it's the MOST shocking video JLo has ever posted? 

Judging from the ballgame alone ARod brought to the party, I really can't say no. Shock AND awe. And seeing a couple this famous rock a meme this flawlessly is very very impressive. Most commoners can't produce a clip nearly this good.

Plus they could just be sitting back posting selfies and be absolutely crushing it all the same. So it's great to see some true legends still adding to their repertoire out there... THESE HITS DON'T QUIT!

JLo doesn't need to lift a finger to make her resume any more Hall of Fame worthy, yet she did just that with true innovation tonight. Another cherry on top of an incredible International Women's Day...

Also it can't be said enough that JLo & ARod are a PROBLEM with a phone in their hand... Where can I watch their reality show ASAP damnit? TEACH ME YOUR WAYS.