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I'd Say The Lonzo-To-Zion Connection Is Starting To Really Click Now That They Are Hooking Up On Three Quarter Court Alley-Oops

I guess it was only a matter of time before a point guard known for his great passing ability and a freak of nature that has been dunking on people since the internet was invented started connecting on some crazy ass plays. This reminds me of when LeBron and D-Wade just started doing unbelievable shit like this just because they could.

Fuuuuuuck that was unfair. Thank God D Wade's body broke down enough that LeBron ditched him for a younger team with more talent wanted to go home and win a title for Cleveland

Now I would never compare Lonzo Ball and Zion Williamson to two future first ballot Hall of Famers. But goddamn these two are going to be fun to watch together as long as they can stay healthy. I'm happy for the Pelicans fans that actually exist because Lonzo, Zion, Brandon Ingram, and whatever they get from drafting/trading the 800 picks the Lakers gave them for AD could be the next great League Pass team before Lonzo inevitably ends up with the Knicks to play with his brothers at MSG followed by Zion doing the same a few years later so he could reunite with not only Lonzo but his old pal RJ Barrett.

Damn, sorry for the potshot and for bringing up my stinky NBA team in a blog about such a beautiful play, Pelicans fans. My basketball soul has been dead for years and I would give anything for it to be resuscitated back to life. As a penance, here are some of Zion's high school highlights back when people didn't think he would be good enough to play in the NBA because the NBA isn't just a bunch of scared 5 foot nothing white kids.

Including Lonzo's high school highlights as well because they aren't too shabby I suppose. Jesus Christ.