10 Years After Our Final ACC Title, Maryland Is Your 2020 (Co) B1G Champion

Well how about that? An absolute roller coaster of a season where all the Big 10 did was beat the shit out of itself, Maryland has come out on top and claimed it's piece (with Wisconsin) as Big 10 champions. Our first regular season title since 2010 when we won the ACC. Feels good to be back on top where we belong, especially in such a ridiculous conference this year where basically every team beat the crap out of every other team. I mean at any given time on the calendar this season you could throw a dart and a new school would be #1. We saw Michigan on top, Ohio State, Maryland, Wisconsin, Michigan State, and so on and so forth. But Turg did his finest coaching job of his career and got the Terps playing solid basketball to win his B1G title. 

Now it's finally time for the best time of the year. Thank the lord. I'm not sure I've ever seen Maryland win a meaningful game in the Big 10 Tournament, so let's start there before we start counting our chickens. With a good showing though we should be locked into a 2 or 3 at the worst in the big dance. Again, chickens are not being counted quite yet, but this is a solid start to March.