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SMEAR CAMPAIGN!!! This Video Of Ashton Hagans Posing With Cash Is Actually Old And A Louisville Fan Is Trying To Ruin UK's Season

So this video is starting to circulate on Twitter and Reddit thanks to someone who calls themselves UofLSherriff. What a dumbass name that is. Anyways, we all know that Ashton Hagans missed yesterday's game to Florida to deal with some personal shit and get his mind right. Now after a ridiculous comeback, Louisville media has posted this video trying to smear the momentum that Kentucky has with Hagans expected to return for the SEC Tournament. 

The problem is this video is actually old and had nothing to do with why he missed yesterday's game. 

I think it's weirder that someone who goes by UofLSherriff is following Ashton Hagans on Snapchat and admitted he waited to release the video. Hmm wonder why? First off, if you care about a kid having any sort of cash you're just a fucking loser. Second, Louisville screaming that this HAS to mean more and it can't just be a dumbass video posted by Hagans is hilarious. What program came up during the FBI investigation? I seem to forget. What program had a title banner pulled down? Can't remember. 

Now is this dumb for Hagans to post when he did weeks ago? Uhh, ya think? Then again college kids are dumb to begin with. Hagans also isn't the first person in college athletics to pose with money and won't be the last. There are a bunch of rumors that have been circulating about Hagans recently and I can confirm that this isn't viewed as anything serious. Hell, no one is under more surveillance from the NCAA than Kentucky and Calipari - remember they did all the research into Eric Bledsoe and there was nothing? 

Compliance department already looked into it. They wouldn't put Kentucky's season in jeopardy. Just a smear campaign from a fan of a school that simply can't beat Kentucky. Kinda gross if you ask me. Oh, also a good thing Kentucky still has Tyrese Maxey, Immanuel Quickley and Nick Richards.