Chick Has A REAL Hard Time Figuring Out How Long It Takes To Drive 80 Miles If You're Going 80 Miles An Hour





First of all, love the stall tactics. Chicks always do that when you’re in a fight/discussion and they know they’re painted into a corner. Just start doing shit to make you get off topic. Be it throw a can of soda, throw the clicker, or just start crying. They try and cause a scene to get you off your game because they know they’re fucked. And as for the question itself? Whatever dude, math is hard. I’m not going to poke fun at her for that. I became a blogger so I wouldn’t have to deal with those kind of questions so who am I to poke fun? How long does it take to go 80 miles at 80 miles an hour? Ask fucking Google Maps, not me.


PS – How about the mom calling her a braindead bastard at the end? Ruthless.