Holy Shit That Was The Most Improbable Win I've Ever Seen Out Of Kentucky

What a goddamn win. Now, I know I said this game didn't matter and it really didn't in the grand scheme of things because Kentucky clinched the SEC outright (with ease) already. They are locked into a top-4 seed in the NCAA Tournament regardless. But you know what's important? 

Getting some fucking confidence from the other guys. Kentucky played without its starting PG Ashton Hagans. Its starting SG and arguably best player Immanuel Quickley played just 15 minutes before fouling out. Shit, even Coach Cal tried to get ejected! 

Down 18 in the second half on the road? No fucking problem. You know why? Because Coach Cal is a great goddamn coach. Because Nick Richards is one of the most dominant big men in the game. Because Johnny Juzang has a shit ton of confidence and started draining threes. Because Keion Brooks started settling down and hitting shots before figuring out his role of attacking. Because Nate Sestina and EJ Montgomery hustled their asses off. Because Kentucky is Kentucky. 

The fact that the group was able to make a run with Maxey not hitting shots and really no backcourt makes this the most improbable win I've ever seen out of Kentucky. They led just once the entire game. 71-70. 1 title down, 2 to go.