Dude Stole 30,000 Bottles Of Iced Tea So He Could Dump Them Down The Drain And Recycle The Bottles For $18



(Source) A Chinese man is facing jail after he stole 30,000 bottles of iced tea worth the equivalent of £20,000 – and emptied all of them down the drain so he could claim £11 for recycling the plastic bottles. Police were alerted to the fact that the iced tea stored in a warehouse in the city of Wenzhou in China’s Zhejiang Province had been stolen when Liang Feng, 38, who owns a drinks wholesale firm arrived to collect a palette of iced tea that he wanted to take to a customer.



Quite the mastermind behind this plot here. Take around 34,000 dollars worth of inventory and boom, flip it right into 20 bucks. I mean there’s really nothing worse than returning bottles for a refund. One summer I lived with a bunch of buddies and we had the brilliant idea to save all our beer cans from every party, return those for money, then drink for free every night. I think everyone has done that. Had the thought “well enough people come over to drink so if we just save all the bottles then we’ll get rich.” So very wrong. It takes forever to return them, they smell like shit, you’ve got to load them into the machine one at a time, the whole thing sucks. I wouldn’t return a truckload of cans for $5 each ever again, let alone 5 cents. But, like I said, it’s an idea everyone has at one point, you’ve got to experience what a waste of time it is then learn the return isn’t worth anywhere close to the effort it takes then never do it again. That’s what separates us from poor people, they still haven’t realized that it’s a giant waste of time and you’re better off finding different work.