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The Definition Of Perfection: This Violinist Strumming The Hell Out Of 'Still Fly' During A Pelicans Game

I've watched this no less than 6 times so far. It's just the definition of fire, perfection, whatever adjective you want to use here. Still Fly is one of the most recognizable songs for any person in our 30s. I'm convinced that's one of the songs that every person from every walk of life around this age knows word for word. But strumming the shit out of it on a violin? That's a whole new twist. I need this guy in my life more. I don't know what I could use him for, but I need to be at an event where he's playing Still Fly for me on a violin. 

But, wait. There's more! 

He's instantly in my top-5 musicians of all time. By far No. 1 violinist of all time. No question about it. Need him at every major event from here on out. Super Bowl halftime show next year? Just found our guy. Just absolute perfection.