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Wizards vs Pacers Game 3 Recap - It Was Terrible. Really, Really, Really, Terrible.

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Last night was probably the worst basketball game I’ve ever watched. It was brutal. It didn’t even closely resemble the high tempo, energetic team that hit shots vs the Bulls and came out and dominated game 1 vs the Pacers. They were flat, and flat out terrible.

John Wall looked lost and frustrated, as he committed 7 turnovers and had only 6 assists. Nene couldn’t get his shit to fall in water if he was squatting over the ocean, going 3/14 and grabbing only 3 boards. And the bench had 8 points, combined. Woof.

Oh and remember when I was like “there’s no way they go 5/12 from the free throw line, that is just absurdly bad, etc, etc”? Well, the Wizards have flat out forgotten how to shoot free throws. 11/21. 51% from the line. Add in another terrible, miserable, no good very bad day from three point land (4/16), and we have a clusterfuck recipe for a clusterfuck disaster.

So the Pacers are up 2-1 in the series now. When number 1 seeds go up 2 games to 1, they win something like 95% of the time. So that’s not good. I need Lance Stephenson to fuck Roy Hibberts wife in the worst way.

Keep the faith though. Get that raging Bullets Fever!