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Famous Hanga Roa aka "Easter Island" Statue Destroyed & The Mayor With Five Names Saw This Coming!!

One of Easter Island's famous Moai statues was destroyed after a guy's truck had "break failure" and slid down the hill, destroying one of the statues, so now there are only about a thousand left on the island and some residents think he did it on purpose.  See article here

That dude is lucky that sacred statue stopped his piece of shit truck from gong off the cliff!!

What's really interesting is that the Island has a mayor with five names, four of them starting with "P", Pedro Pablo Petero Edmunds Paoa, and about eight years ago he tried to pass a measure that would have prevented non-commercial vehicles from driving near the statues, which are considered sacred structures by the Rapa Nui people.  He hopes this incident of a truck crashing into and destroying one of the famous statues will re-ignite that discussion......I think it might Pedro Pablo Petero Emunds Paoa, I think this is just what that measure needed and wish you luck!!


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