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ATTN: I Am Now A Clippers Fan

I love a good bandwagon and I REALLY love Joakim Noah. I needed a reason to care about the NBA enough to check scores while watching hockey and now I have it. Joakim Noah is ring chasing and I am going to be along for the ride(score app refreshes and commercial breaks of more important things). Joakim is a throwback. A guy who will compete his fucking ass off. A guy who would be great in any era on any team and he deserves a ring. He will floor burn himself to death for a championship and even if he gets zero minutes for the Clippers having a guy like that on the bench can't hurt. The NBA is better with Joakim in the league. Anyone who brings this fire is my kinda guy. The Clippers are my kind of team

PS: On radio this week Carl cited some article which I can not find on the internet that said the Bulls were a top 5 most profitable team in the NBA, but were 27th in spending on basketball operations. Is that true? I don't know because I googled for 5 seconds and couldn't find the source, but it feels true. That was the old Donald Sterling Clippers model. Sterling didn't give a fuck about winning because his TV checks made him so much money because he was in a major market. He would just sit back and let the money pour. It feels like Reinsdorf is the same way. He's just not an obscene racist monster so I guess the Bulls are stuck. 

PPS: This is still the funniest court statement in the history of the world