Three Naked Dudes Ran Up In A Florida Restaurant In The Middle Of The Night And Stole 60 Hamburgers

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Mail- Police are on the hunt for three thieves who broke into a Florida restaurant, stripped naked and took off with 60 hamburgers, three pounds of bacon and three red peppers. Authorities in Bonita Springs have released security footage showing the three men, who appear to be of college age, as they raid Doc’s Beach House around 3am on Sunday, July 20. They are hoping someone recognizes the fearless trio, whom one waitress branded, ‘Dumb, dumber and dumbest’, the News-Press reported. The footage shows the men – two completely naked and one in underwear – breaking in to the restaurant and roaming around the kitchen area before selecting the hamburgers and bell peppers. At one point, one of the men spots a camera pointing at them and attempts to turn it away – unaware that another camera is nearby recording their every move. The men then apparently fled on foot and headed towards the Collier County line – leaving a trail of red peppers along the beach behind them.

Epic case of the munchies here.  The article doesn’t say what caused these three dudes to run up in a restaurant in the middle of the night but if weed wasn’t involved then I don’t know anything.  Or they lost a bet.  One of the two.  They would’ve been gold too if it weren’t for those pesky surveillance cameras.  Those will get you every time.  It’s almost like restaurants and banks put them up in places to catch criminals.  Buncha assholes.  Oh, and the trail of red peppers they left along the beach behind them probably didn’t help.  But what do I know, the article still says they haven’t found these guys yet.  Remember in Billy Madison when Chris Farley and Norm Macdonald steal thirty bagged lunches and have a ball eating them beside the school bus?  That’s how I envision these three dudes right about now.  Just sitting somewhere on the beach and enjoying those 60 hamburgers and 3 pounds of bacon more than any of us have ever enjoyed anything.