Dude Goes In For A Circumcision And, Oopsie Daisy, They Cut His Whole Dick Off Instead

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(Source) An Alabama man awoke from a routine circumcision to find doctors had mistakenly amputated his penis, according to a lawsuit. Johnny Lee Banks Jr., 56, and his wife, Zelda Banks, 55, filed the lawsuit against Princeton Baptist Medical Center in Jefferson County Circuit Court in Birmingham on Tuesday. ‘My client is devastated,’ their attorney, John P. Graves, said.




You know what? I don’t have any sympathy for Johnny Lee here. Dude, what are you doing getting a circumcision at age 55? You’re old and have a wife. The difficult part of your uncircumcised life is long over. You made it through high school gym class and the post-practice showers, you made it through everyone throwing their shirt over their head and hissing at you in the corridors while they call you the Conestoga Wagon, you made it through all the girls who were weirded out the first time they saw it and finally found someone to settle down with. What’s the point of a circumcision now? Best case scenario you have a better looking dick for your wife to touch even though she legally has to anyway, worst case scenario the doctors lop your cock off. Doesn’t seem like a great risk/reward scenario to me.