The Blackhawks Are Playing The Worst Team In The NHL And I Am Scared To Death

I was riding SO high last night. Big win against a team that is making the playoffs. The Hawks THOROUGHLY dominated the Oilers for the first two periods and held on late to get the full two points. Boys were buzzin. Barn was rocking. Everything was going great. I woke up in a GREAT mood dreaming about playoffs and knowing that I will at the very minimum be able to enjoy the next week of the season because the Blackhawks straight up refuse to die. 

Then I thought about the Red Wings and my stomach got queezy and my butt hole clenched up real tight. The Wings suck. Suck bad. They are the suckiest bunch of sucks who ever sucked. I've never been more afraid of any team in my life. That's how things are right now for the Hawks. Second half of a back-to-back on the road against a team that is complete shit the scariest trap game I can remember. The Blackhawks need two points every bit as much as they did last night, but they have a tendency to, you know, rip our fucking hearts out, every single time we get our hopes up this year. A game against a traditional rival playing the role of spoiler. Nothing scares me more because losing to Detroit, and then having to immediately play St Louis on Sunday has potential to be the most painful deaths of all the deaths that the Blackhawks have died this season. I need the boys to be ready to tonight. I need them to be sharp. I need them to look at Subban in net for the first time and have that scare them into playing LOCKDOWN defense on the road. Manage the puck. Have good habits. Work you fucking bag off because that is what they need to do. Play like it is game 7 because it is. Once more into the breach and I hope all 20 guys in the line up know that because the millions of people sitting at home have a puke bucket ready if they shit the bed. 

Extra little notes that don't fit into the general theme of the blog

--Lucas Carlsson is out tonight. Puck to the ear. That is a tough one. I've liked his game in a limited sample size. It's quiet. You barely notice him. Skates well. Makes simple plays. Doesn't seem to get caught. He is almost like the anti-Gustafsson in a way. He's been helpful. Not sure what his long term future is with the Hawks since they've got Boqvist, Keith, Murphy, DeHaan, Maatta, Seabrook, Mitchell, Beaudin, etc all in the pipeline or under contract, but this has been a nice audition. He can help them down the stretch so I hope this is the only game he misses. 

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I'll go on around 930AM in studio. Hopefully you guys tune in and enjoy it and maybe I will get invited back on again someday. I am a big Pat Boyle fan so I am kinda pumped to have a good hockey talk. Really hope the boys get a dub tonight so I can come walk in there like this