Sixers Owner Josh Harris Publicly Admits That Markelle Fultz is a Fraud and The Sixers Are Idiotic For Making That Trade

I mean he may not have said it exactly, but that's basically what he meant. At least now we know the the Sixers front office was completely full of shit when they said they believed in Markelle every step of the way, even when he sat our for his ten thousandth game in a row for absolutely no reason. 

Fuck this conversation. Pagliuca thinks he's so cool because he won one fucking championship. He completely alpha'd Harris throughout this entire discussion. It basically went like this.

"Being an owner in a tough city is hard, The fans can be brutal"
"Life's easy once you win a championship".
"Oh great thanks man. Thanks for fucking telling me owning a team would be better with a championship."
"Oh don't worry you're getting there. I even gave you that old stiff Al Horford"
"Yea you also robbed me and told me that piece of shit Markelle Fultz was going to be the next Dwade".

It was the exact type of conversation some asshole from high school who works in finance would have with their unemployed friend.

"Yea man people don't tell you your 20s kinda suck. It's hard to make money after college"
"Bro just get a job like me. I make tons of money. My 20s are awesome"
"Sick dude. Thanks for telling me that having money is better than not having money"
"I got you that job at McDonalds man, you'll be making money in no time."
"You also gave me the Coronavirus"

I hate the Celtics, I hate Markelle Fultz, and now I guess I hate Steve Pagliuca.