I'm A Big Fan Of This Kid Who Made Vines Of Himself Getting Followed By White Store Workers


YES.  Finally technology put to hilarious use.  I mean, it’s not hilarious that workers at the store kept following a black kid around a store.  That’s actually fucked up.  But it is hilarious that this kid decided to fuck with them and make funny vines out of a shitty situation.  The last frame of the lady in the second vine is laugh out loud funny.  He’s talking about how he’s been getting followed around and lo and behold here comes that fat lady wheeling around the corner to see if the black kid is shoving his pockets full of stolen goods.  She knew it too.  Immediate U-Turn.  You couldn’t script it any better than that.  To the cell phone addicted youth, more clever uses of technology like this and less mirror selfies.  Thanks.  And hey maybe this will stop some store workers from profiling black people as soon as they step through the door.  Nahh, just kidding.  It won’t. But funny stuff nonetheless.