Roger Goodell, Ray Rice and the NFL Are A Disgrace To Men


So as everybody knows by now Ray Rice got a whopping 2 games for beating his girlfriend unconscious in an elevator. Not pushing her, not yelling at her, but for beating her unconscious. 2 FUCKING GAMES! Meanwhile Josh Gordon is about to miss an entire system for smoking weed. Justin Blackmon may never play again because he can’t put down a joint. Tyrell Pryor got FIVE GAMES for selling his own memorabilia IN COLLEGE! Think about that one. Terrell Pryor got suspended for 5 FUCKING GAMES for breaking a dumb ass NCAA rule. And here we have Ray Rice who literally beat his girlfriend unconscioius with video evidence and he somehow got a measly 2 games.

How can Roger Goodell or anybody in the NFL look themselves in the mirror? It’s honestly a disgrace to the league and to men everywhere. You don’t just knock a woman unconscious. That’s not how it works. Ray Rice is a woman beater. I’m sure he’s hit her in the past and I’m sure he’ll hit her again. How the NFL can get so bent out of shape for smoking dope and other useless shit and basically just look the other way with this is disgusting. And spare me any legal mumbo jumbo that Rice and the players union would have protested if it was longer because the girlfriend didn’t press charges. Yeah that’s because his girlfriend is scared shitless. She freaking apologized for getting knocked out. The whole situation is FUCKED. You have to make a statement that this isn’t okay. This needs at least a year suspension. Make him appeal. Make him squirm. Make him fight. He’s a scumbag plain and simple. Beating a woman is as horrific a crime as there is. The message here is basically that the NFL doesn’t give a shit. You can beat, rape do whatever you want to a chick. Just don’t be smoking pot when you do it or else they’ll get you. Sad day for the NFL and the men who watch it.

PS – Only in Baltimore.