Bieber Using A Wheelchair To Cut The Lines At Disney World Is Such A Bad Guy Move I Can't Help But Respect It



Such a heel move. Such a power move. Like everybody knows who Bieber is. They know he ain’t handicapped. Think he gives a fuck? He still just rolls up to the front of Space Mountain line in a wheelchair with Selena bent over his knee daring anybody to stop him. Love him or hate him you can’t deny he’s the baddest mammajamma in the game.  Even the handicaps have to be like “Damn Playa!”  I mean how about the last 3 days for Bieber? Saturday night the cops were called to his house at 8:30 PM, 12:50 AM, 1:50 AM and 3:00 AM and his neighbors tried to citizens arrest him for partying to loud. He woke up the next day and had Brunch with Kevin Durant before heading off to Disneyland and cutting the entire line in a wheel chair. God it’s great to be a gangsta.