Did You Know Lebron James Is Not Only A Freak Athlete But Also A Genius?

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(Sourece) Playing video games with LeBron James is so annoying. “When we were growing up we used to play this fighting game on the Sega Genesis called Shaq Fu,” says Brandon Weems, James’ lifelong friend. “LeBron was the only one who had memorized all the moves and so he’d win every time. We all thought he definitely was cheating.” Memorizing all the manipulations with the joystick and the A, B and C buttons back in the days before it could be Googled — the Inferno Kick was down, toward the player, with the C button pressed, but only with the “Shaq” character, mind you — is one thing. When James started adding the pathological layers as he got older, that’s when he really started messing with his friends. “When you play Madden with him now you have to be careful which teams you take, because he will know what your game plans were in the past when you’ve played with him and he’ll pick the opposing team knowing what plays you want to run,” says Weems, now an assistant basketball coach at Oakland University. “You better save your favorite play, too, because he’ll remember what you ran before in situations and be ready for it. Your only hope is to save it until the end and try to surprise him with it.” The memory. It can inform him. It can engage him. It can turn on him. It can attack him. It can, he says, hinder him in ways that are far harder to treat than a sprained ankle. And learning to control it has been a fight as great as any other in his career. “When I was a kid my coaches started to say to me that I remembered things that happened in games from a few tournaments back — and that surprised them,” James says. “I started to realize how important that could be years later, probably when I was in high school. And then, eventually, I realized that it can get me into trouble.” t on the screen.” Consider: After the University of Connecticut won the national championship in April, James made a point to compliment Huskies coach and former teammate Kevin Ollie on the accomplishment. “He still looks the same in a suit on the sideline coaching for the Huskies as he did for us wearing No. 12,” James said. Ollie played with James for one season: his rookie year in 2003-04 in Cleveland. He played for 13 teams in his career and wore seven different numbers. And yes, a review of the historical record shows, Ollie did indeed wear No. 12 for the Cavs. “Look, we’re all professional basketball players, so when LeBron remembers something from a basketball game, even if it’s from a few years ago, it doesn’t exactly blow me away,” Bosh says. “But it’s when he remembers other stuff, like stuff he shouldn’t even know, where you’re like, ‘What?!’ We’ll be watching a football game and he’ll be like, ‘Yeah, that cornerback was taken in the fourth round of the 2008 draft from Central Florida,’ or something. And I’ll be like, ‘How do you know that?’ And he’ll be like, ‘I can’t help it.'” “I can usually remember plays in situations a couple of years back — quite a few years back sometimes,” James says. “I’m able to calibrate them throughout a game to the situation I’m in, to know who has it going on our team, what position to put him in. “I’m lucky to have a photographic memory,” he will add, “and to have learned how to work with it.”





I like Lebron James. I really do. But get. the. fuck. out. of. my. face with this “photographic memory” bullshit. Lebron has a beautiful mind because he remembers video game codes? Guess what up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, A, B motherfucker! Bam. Contra code right in your grill. Where’s my Mensa membership card? Or because he remembers important/great plays? I remember my good blogs too, and those were years ago. Remembering Kevin Ollie’s number? I remember the house phone numbers of kids I haven’t talked to since I was about eight, and those numbers are way longer than two digits. Seriously an you suck a guy’s dick any harder, Windhorst? I know that you owe your life to Lebron, and I actually do like Windohorst too, but get the hell out of here with this. Oh Lebron remembers when random players were drafted and where they went to college… that’s called being a sports fan. Absolutely none of these examples make someone a genius, they make someone not retarded. Nothing more, nothing less. It means they have a functioning memory that remembers the same exact shit everyone else on the planet does. Only we used our memories to get past high school.