Tim Tebow Is Still Crushing Workouts Waiting For The NFL To Call




This is so sad. I like Tebow. He seems like a genuinely nice guy who just loves the game of football. But right now he’s like your friend who got dumped by a girl who was way out of his league and refuses to let it go. Every day still talks about her non-stop and drunk dials her and keeps talking about how great it’s going to be when they get back together. Bro, as a friend, I’m telling you to let it go. It’s never going to happen. You had a great year, the two of you, you were America’s sweethearts. But it’s over now. It’s never coming back. Stop working towards it and just handle the break-up like any man does, go on a bender and completely let yourself go then sit in the corner of a dark bar talk about how you used to fuck the prom queen.



PS – If we’re being honest, it is kind of fucked that he’s not in the league. He’s absolutely a better football player than most backups in the league, teams just don’t want to deal with the media circus that we created. We kind of killed Tebow’s career. Us and his arm.