Stephen A Smith Dropped A BOMB Today At The Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

Did Stephen A do it again or did Stephen A do it again? This is why he's the king and get paid a gajillion dollars by ESPN. He's the best in the business at this shit and this right here is the latest example. This isn't all that uncommon of a take, plenty of people think Giannis and the Bucks need to go on a deep playoff run if they are going to stay together, I mean when you're the best team in the NBA in back to back years throwing up historic seasons and very well may win 70 games this year, you have to make the Finals. Period. But that quote right there is the beauty of Stephen A. The classic, "I'm told" angle so he makes you believe he's connected to sources, but then follows it up with "I don't know if that's true". So basically....he said nothing while saying everything. Let's not forget we've been down this road before

Nothing gets the juices flowing than when Stephen A drops a "I was told" before unleashing some Grade A bullshit. It's why he's the GOAT. We all know it's most likely not true but we can't completely disregard it. Stephen A has us by the balls and he knows it and frankly I'm OK with it. It's good for the blog game which at the end of the day is really all I care about. 

So who do we think "told" Stephen A that Giannis was leaving if the Bucks don't make the Finals? Probably Max Kellerman or some shit if we're being honest. I mean that's an A+ hedge by Stephen A if you think about it. He can report that he already knew this was going to happen if it does, and then if it doesn't he has the safety net where he said he wasn't sure if it was true. Well if it wasn't true then why say anything? Because he can, that's why. 

At the end of the day, don't hate the player hate the game. I'm sure Bucks fans are sick of this shit by now and have to be at least a little nervous about how the next few months will play out. Everyone and their mother is trying to push the narrative that Giannis needs to head to a bigger market, and I dunno, maybe this approach and way of thinking is why ratings are so down? Everyone from talking heads to broadcasters doing the game can't wait to get Giannis on a new team and that would annoy the shit out of me.