Reader Email - Did We Just Discover the Lord of the K Call?

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Reader Email

Had this ump over the weekend who was way to excited for a 10 am Sunday league game.


I have a question? Did we just discover the Lord of the K call? Because make no mistake about it this is the BEST strike call 3 in the history of baseball. Is it good enough to join the Lord of Popcorn, Lord of Cotton Candy and most recently the Lord of the Driving Range?  He may be.  I mean who talks trash inbetween the final punch out?  Unreal stuff

What do the Stoolies say? Does this ump deserve the title Lord of the K call? And before you vote I think these are the 3 things he says mid punchout.


Strikeout #1

“Chump Change”

Strikeout #2

“He Got Gangham Style”

Strikeout #3

“And he closes the show like the champ that he is.”



Okay time to vote.   Is this umpire a Lord?   Vote 1 for he sucks and 10 for crown his ass.


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