Snoop Dogg Says He Got Away With Smoking Weed In The White House Bathroom By Telling Secret Service It Was A Napkin He Lit On Fire


A little confusing but I still say Snoop smoked weed in the White House.  Why?  Because he’s Snoop Dogg and this actually sounds like something he would do.  The story is just crazy enough that I believe it.  Lighting a napkin on fire to get the “aroma right” is something I’ll be trying.  And as far as I’m concerned the bathroom of the White House is still the White House.  There’s the infamous story of Willie Nelson smoking weed on the roof of the White House while Jimmy Carter was in office.  The torch (pun intended) has officially been passed (more puns).  Now the biggest weed smoking musician of our time has done it.  It only feels right.  Name a cooler cat than Snoop, you can’t.  If you don’t like him I don’t know what to tell you.  You don’t even have to like his music.  Him as a celebrity personality is just about the best.  His performance at the Flava Flav roast is an all timer.  Look it up some time if you’ve never seen it.