With Friends Like My Mom Who Needs Enemies?



So my parents picked me up from the airport on Sunday. Quick sidenote – Nobody makes a bigger mockery out of airport pickups than my parents. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate it, they always offer and are borderline insulted if I say no, but it’s always a debacle. Constant bickering, confusion etc. I always know it’s them from a mile away because my dad gets confused and just stops in the middle of traffic causing everybody to beep at him and forcing State Troopers to make him move. This latest time was no different but I digress.

Anyway whenever I see my parents my mother always manages to sneak in useless trinkets and food into my apartment. She never tells me or asks me because she knows I’ll say no. Well this morning I notice this newspaper clipping sitting on my counter. A picture of the Miltons Grand Opening Party with my arch enemies Jason Wolfe and Glen Ordway. Gee thanks Ma. Just what I wanted to see. And yes she knew I went to this event. I guess it was just to show me that I wasn’t in the photo? I have no idea why she thought I’d want to see it. Like my mom wasn’t trying to be a dickhead but this was a total dickhead move right? Maybe she wants me to frame it or something? With friends/mothers like this who needs enemies. I’m surprised she didn’t have a Marbles Sirius radio article or something.

PS – I found this on my desk too.  Talk about a souvenir…..