Woman In Hospital After Running Herself Over With Her Own Car In Waltham...Wait What?

NECN – A woman ran herself over in the parking garage of a Westin Hotel in Waltham, Massachusetts, on Monday morning. A preliminary investigation indicates the 54-year-old woman from Georgia had stepped out of her vehicle, which began to roll backward, knocking her to the ground and running over her. The victim is in critical but stable condition with non life-threatening injuries at a local hospital.

I know women drivers are an easy target. Low hanging fruit for the Smitty’s of the world to make fun of, but a chick getting run over by her own car? That’s surprising even by women driver standards. Not sure how any woman can top this move. It’s the crème de le crème of woman driver mishaps. Getting run over by your own car. Game, set, match women drivers.