Map Showing The Happiness Of Every State Proves That Basically No One Is Happy




(Source) According to a new working paper from professors at Harvard and the Vancouver School, the happiest cities in the United States are all in one place: Louisiana. Using data from a CDC survey called the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, among other sources, and adjusted for age, sex, race, income and other factors, New Yorkers are the among the unhappiest people in the country. The five happiest, based off demographics and income, are Lafayette, Houma, Shreveport-Bossier City, Baton Rouge and Alexandria, all in the great state of Louisiana. Other abnormally happy cities included Charlotte, N.C., and Naples, Fla. The unhappiest list included Scranton, Eerie and Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, Gary, Ind. and — wait for it — New York City.




Kind of an obvious study here, right? Everyone who lives in a city and has a job hates their fucking life. Anyone from the middle of nowhere who is oblivious to the fact that real places exist is happy as a clam. Duh. When you live in places like Boston, New York, Chicago and LA then you’re constantly shown people who have money and hotter girls, it’s depressing as fuck. But if you’re from Shreveport and all you ever see is your own trailer then you can easily be tricked into thinking you’re happy. Every Sunday I wonder if I can just go be a bartender in the Caribbean but I know I can’t because I’m aware that actually having money is pretty sweet, I see it every day. People from Louisiana don’t have to shoulder that burden. Life is all Hurricanes and titties for them.


PS – In all honesty, can you imagine being happy? It must be fucking awesome.