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Wake Up With MSNBC Being Terrible at Math

I'm not here to criticize the New York Times' Mara Gay or Brian Williams. The internet is confusing. Math is hard. TV happens fast. Nobody has time to add six zeros to the end of a number or pull out their phone and do division. 

The person I'm here to criticize is Mike Bloomberg for not giving every American $1 million each. That would mean he'd need $327 trillion, but whatever. Just do it. Or, failing that, he should have spread around that $500 million, which would've meant $1.53 per person, or approximately an hour and 12 minutes on a Boston parking meter. But I'd have taken it. 

Either way, their math was only off by a factor of a zillion or so, and so the point still stands. Besides, Brian Williams should get a pass from all of us. He's been through a lot. Between having his Chinook being fired on over Iraq, seeing someone jump off the upper deck at the Superdome right before his eyes and a dead body float past him in the French Quarter during Katrina, take more rocket fire in an Israeli Black Hawk chopper and fly into Baghdad with SEAL Team Six, it's a miracle he's still alive. Let's not ask him to be some expert in STEM.