Reader Email - Joey Fatone Just Chilling At The Justin Timberlake Concert Cracks Me Up




Reader Email


So I’m at JT at Mohegan Sun last night and who do I see chilling in one of the floor sections but Joey Fatone (pic attached).  He definitely bought that ticket right?  What do you think his strategy is like Justin will see him in the audience and call him up in stage and all of a sudden revive his career?

Do we think he does this at all of JT’s shows?  Just follows him around buying up floor seats pretending they’re still in nsync and he’s just waiting for Dirty Pop to come on the set list.



Probably the best email ever. The entire thing just fucking cracked me up. Picturing Joey Fatone as like the president of the JT fan club and following him around on tour is fucking hysterical. Just waiting for JT to bust out an NSYNC throwback so he can run up on stage and resurrect his career, hilarious. He’s like a bad ex-girlfriend, always showing up and lurking in the shadows thinking maybe if you lock eyes one more time then everything you used to have will come rushing back. Hey I can’t knock the hustle, I guess there’s a chance it works. And whe you’re Joey what other options do you have? Dude was in the best relationship ever with someone way, way out of his league. I’d spend my entire life trying to get it back too.