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NCAA Announces First Two Rounds Of The Division III NCAA Tournament Won't Be Played In Front Of Fans Because Coronavirus

[Source] - Johns Hopkins University is pleased to be hosting the first two rounds of the NCAA Division III men's basketball tournament this weekend.  However, in light of Maryland's recently confirmed cases of COVID-19, and based on CDC guidance for large gatherings, we have determined that it is prudent to hold this tournament without spectators. We regret any inconvenience to the families and fans of the players.

And here we go. As far as I know this is the first event in the US that will be played in front of no fans. All I know is I swear to God if the NCAA has any ideas for the actual NCAA Tournament, I'm going to fight someone. I don't want them even thinking about it. It's pretty simple here. If you're sick, don't be the asshole to show up to a crowded event and ruin it for every single American. Don't be that asshole. 

I do laugh in an ironic way how casually they drop the 'we regret any inconvenience to the families.' Yes, I understand this is Division III and people like to knock those who are playing D3 sports. But the fact is this is still playing at the peak for that level and families from all over are trying to watch their sons play hoops in a win or go home scenario. 

The NCAA Tournament is the greatest thing we have in America. The NCAA Tournament is the most entertaining postseason event in all of sports. There is nothing better than the NCAA Tournament. That first Thursday and Friday are absolutely glorious - everyone either takes off work, does a half day or suckers that pretend to work and just watch 16 games each day. The buzzer beaters, Bill Raftery, One Shining Moment, Jim Nantz, everything. It's the NCAA Tournament. It's heaven. I refuse to let this be ruined by this coronavirus bullshit. 

Just make everyone do the coronavirus handshake:

I don't ask for much in life. I just ask that the NCAA Tournament goes on as normal. That's all I want.