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The College Hoops 'Coronavirus Handshake' Is As Outrageous Looking As You'd Expect

I can't stop watching and laughing at this whole thing. Danny Hurley and Kelvin Sampson look like guys that meet because their girlfriends are friends and do the 'yeah, man, we should absolutely meet up for some beers and to watch a game soon.' They say that knowing full well there's 0 chance they ever text each other to meet up for beer. That or they look like Bubba and Billy Payne here 

It's just so perfect. Again, we're talking about teams spending 40 minutes sweating all over each other, using the same goddamn ball but nope, handshakes will protect everyone. I mean as long as it doesn't ruin the NCAA Tournament, then I need everyone to do the Arrested Development 'no touching' look Danny Hurley nails here. 

Fucking coronavirus.