Wake Up With The Legendary Yoenis Cespedes Workout Video

This is where the legend that is Yoenis Cespedes was born. A grainy highlight tape was debuted back in 2011 for the baseball world and boy oh boy was it exciting times. Cespedes seemed like a super hero. Him doing all these drills, highlights from games on crappy fields in Cuba, this guy was going to be the next big thing. The video itself is just amazing, screw the player and highlights. I just love the powerpoint type editing, the transition shots, everything about it is magical. Some of my favorite scenes in the video are below...

Yo just casually leg pressing 1,300 pounds with includes 2 guys.

This questionable workout....

This powerpoint slide near the end

And this slide that induces all the MLB teams. This has a very "Investors? Possibly you!" vide to it.

Regardless of the production, I love the hustle that went into this hype video, and it did eventually get Yo a major league deal with the As. I'd much rather watch a prospect on a tape like this than a fully edited and produced video. Enjoy your weekend, friends.